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2D Measurement

PlanMeasure takeoff software
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PlanMeasure takeoff software

Easy To Use

  • Simply point and click where you want to measure

  • ​Highly intuitive and modern interface

Multiple Drawing Types

  • Both PDF and CAD file formats are supported

Layer Control

  • On certain drawing types select which layers/objects you wish to see e.g. just show the doors

Multiple Drawings

  • Open, work on and display multiple drawings at the same time


  • Measure in Metric and Imperial units or both at the same time

Capture Multiple Quantities

  • One measurement can easily calculate numerous values e.g. measure area and determine perimeter, volume and vertical area.

Other Beneftis

  • Easily calibrate any drawing to the correct scale

  • Markup the drawing with notes

  • Take screenshots of your highlighted takeoff including displaying a legend

  • Multi-user system, no limit to the number of users working on the same Project

BIM 3D Measurement

PlanMeasure BIM
  • Display 3D BIM models

  • Move around and look at any angle of the model

  • Choose which BIM objects you wish to display

  • Make the model transparent to see inside

  • Automatically extract quantities and other properties from the objects in the model

  • Load and display multiple models

PlanMeasure BIM
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Hardware & Software Requirements



Download Microsoft .NET 4.0 Runtime

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