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About us

Core Business

PlanMeasure is part of EclipseCS Pty Ltd, a software development company that specialises in the Construction and allied industries. Our experience spans over 35 years having developed highly successful products used throughout the world including RIPAC, EES, Everest, and EclipseCS.

Utilising the best of current Information Technology (IT) tools, our products are intended for use by large and small contractors, professional offices, multi-nationals and Government construction authorities.


The strong construction industry background of the present company Directors provides a unique understanding of the industry requirements, which is complemented by experienced and versatile IT experts allowing us to deliver quality products and services. 


Our team is committed to providing quality software applications and services.


We welcome the input from its user base in order to monitor and respond to the ever changing requirements/roles of the industry and the adoption of new methods. The interaction between our company and our user base has resulted in numerous co-development initiatives, the resultant benefits of which are passed on to all users as part of their software support contract.

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